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History of the company

1965 – Foundation of the sole proprietorship by Mr. Klaus Hofmann, based in Wirges / Westerwald.

1972 – Expansion of the production facility in Wirges. The number of employees grows to a total of 6 employees.

1991 – Planning and completion of the new production facility in Staudt / Westerwald. Relocation of administration and production to new headquarters in Staudt.

1998 – Robert Hofmann, son of company founder Klaus Hofmann, enters into the management

1999 – Expansion of production capacity through the construction of an additional production hall. Beginning of the serial-production of glass inners for X-ray tubes

           to fully automatic PLC-controlled glass lathes.

2000 – Robert Hofmann gets managing partner of Klaus Hofmann GmbH

2001 – Serial production of Photomultipliers. Investments in fully automated serial production of glass components for electrical engineering through PLC

           controlled glass lathes.

2007 – Mr. Robert Hofmann is the sole shareholder of Klaus Hofmann GmbH

2013 – ISO certification according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008

2015 – Change of company name Klaus Hofmann GmbH in Hofmann Glastechnik GmbH

2018  – ISO Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 – 2015

2019  – Dorothee Holly becomes Managing Partner of Hofmann Glastechnik GmbH

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